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Learning should be Fun...
Robotics enable children to do mathematics and science than study them.

Using the motivational effects of robotics, our courses are designed to excite children about the advance engineering and programming concepts in a context that makes sense to them

As they design, build and program an autonomous robot, they are exposed to these advance concepts in a 'hands-on mind-on' inquiry-based format which is fun-filled, full of challenges and lots of play.

After all, it's their nature to play and have fun...

LEGO NXT Mindstorm
Inability to Think...
LEGO NXT Mindstorm
Kids nowadays have lost their inability to think. With the education system based entirely on right or wrong answers, kids have mastered the art of memorizing while they lack or have no understanding in what they have studied.

With a spoon-fed education system, kids expect the answers from teachers or parents while they do not even try to ascertain the answer. This has created a generation of kids who lacks both creativity or innovation.

With the LEGO NXT Mindstorm, kids are challenged to a problem. When faced with a challenging yet fun task, kids learn to plan, design and problem solve.

The simple task of building and programming a robot, provides the kids with an environment to think, create and problem solve while utilizing what they have learnt from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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