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LEGO Sensors From Dexter Industries
Dexter Industries Header & Logo The lack of NXT Sensors in this region has led to the need to directly import and distribute these NXT Sensors from Dexter Industries. Working closely with Dexter Industries, we at Building Blocks will support users from the Asia Pacific region. Building Blocks plans to build a more integrated community for NXT Mindstorms users in this region.

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Sensors that are curntly supported in EV3.
  • dTIR (Thermal Infrared Sensor)
  • dIMU
  • dLight
  • dGPS
  • dSolar
  • Breadboard Adapter
  • dCompass
  • dSwitch


    Buildingblocks is proud to announce that we are currently carrying Dexter's Brickpi as seen on their Kickstarter campaign.
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  • LEGO Sensors Available
    Building Blocks have the following products available for sales or evaluation. Please contact us for more details.

    Dexter Industries

    3rd Party Sensors

    Inertial Motion Sensor
    The Dexter Industries dIMU Sensor reads reads acceleration, tilt, and speed of rotation. This sensor combines a gyroscope and accelerometer into one sensor, allowing your robots to do amazing things! Both the accelerometer and the gyroscope read on all three axes (x, y, and z). Build robots that know which way is up, can measure tilt, balance themselves, and measure acceleration and rotation on all axes all at once.

    The accelerometer works on three different levels and can measure ±2g, ±4g, and ±8g. The accelerometer can be calibrated for static acceleration of gravity.

    The gyroscope works on three different levels of precision as well, and can measure ±250, ±500, and ±2,000 degrees per second. The gyroscope has zero offset and very low drift, making it very suitable for inexperienced users.

    The sensor is supported in NXT-G, RobotC, NXC, and Labview for LEGO MINDSTORMS (LVLM).

    Building Block's Inertial Motion Sensor by Dexter Industries


    • An accelerometer and gyroscope for the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT
    • Measures acceleration, tilt, and rotaton on all 3 axes
    • Build LEGO® robots that can balance, measure acceleration, and know which way is up
    • Measure static and dynamic acceleration
    • Accelerometer: Measure acceleration up to 8 g’s on all three axes. Measure between ±2g, ±4g, and ±8g
    • Gyroscope: Measures rate of rotation. The sensor can measure ±250, ±500, and ±2,000 degrees per second


    • User Manual for Digital Compass Module can be found here.


    • Digital Compass Module blocks and programming examples here.



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